Wednesday, September 15, 2010

not so Young Guns

Gen X does seem skeptical of "community" more so than boomers and Gen Whiners. We seemed to have traveled in "tribes" rather than as a measurably large citizenry.

Still, it's unlikely it will interest me in reading this book written by Gen X politicians. I follow politics closely, too closely perhaps. But every time I've met a politician I feel like taking a deep cleaning, scum-scrubbing shower afterward.
This week three top Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives-- Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, and Paul Ryan -- will release their new book, Young Guns, outlining a vision for America's future that reflects their Generation X philosophy of individual autonomy and hostility to community or collective action.


Kath said...

To be real prissy about it, I would PREFER that they take their book-writing energy and use it for -- oh, I don't know, maybe DOING THEIR JOB!!

Geez, how dumb to be self-proclaiming in this political climate by having a book come out.

Bag Blog said...

I kind of find it interesting, although I don't read very much serious stuff. I only read sarcastic blogs and romance novels - things that make me laugh.

Wek said...

Must be nice being a congressman. I barely have the time to write this blog, but they have the time for a book.