Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My heroes

The boomers are like a generation of MC Hammers. They had money, notoriety, life by the balls and then they just fucked it all up. So I'm finding comedy that The Atlantic thinks the biggest fuckups have a clue as how to clean up their mess.
Self-absorbed, self-indulged, and self-loathing, the Baby Boom generation at last has the chance to step out of the so-called Greatest Generation’s historical shadow. Boomers may not have the opportunity to save the world, as their predecessors did, but they can still redeem themselves by saving the American economy from the fiscal mess that they, and their fathers and mothers, are leaving behind.


Kath said...

Fix this mess? I don't see how anyone of any age can fix this. We're all tied on a bungee cord headed for the bottom, it's going to be a long wait for the bounce back up.

Bag Blog said...

With so many Gen X and Yer's voting, I'm not so sure Boomers will be in office to do the fixin'.

Wek said...

K- Yeah, it's all a mess. I don't think even President Lincoln could get us out of this one.

BB- Hopefully you're right. I think The Atlantic is run by boomers so they're just pimping their gen one more time.