Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yeah, I laughed


Bag Blog said...

Too bad I didn't get a video of the ladder falling on my daughter the other day. I did post about it. It was similar to this. I screamed "watch out" at least three times, but she thought I was talking about some cranes that were flying over (if you've ever been shat upon by a crane you would understand). Fortunately, she was not hurt badly. The lessons learned: Listen to your mother or always take your glove to the baseball game.

Wek said...

Oh damn! Had that been recorded it prob would have had a million views on YouTube.

I never was shat on by a crane. But I've had a few close calls with pelicans.

Kath said...

Shat on by a ---- OHHHH! Yeah, a seagull got me one time. It was just a little bit, tho.

Yeah, I don't understand how so many people get whapped by balls like this. And it does seem to be equal as to men/women. I mean, if you're there, aren't you at least interested enough in baseball, so you would know this could happen??? Must hurt like hell!