Thursday, September 30, 2010

"You know"

Noticing an annoying speech habit people have. When in the act of describing something that I don't know they continually say "you know".

For Example: "I wanted to get a better Metal crunch for riffing on my guitar, so I, you know, dropped the E string down to D tuning".

If you don't play guitar how the fuck are you supposed to, "you know", realize it makes sense?


Bag Blog said...

Ya know, there's lots of annoying people out there. Maybe you should come up with some really funny response to "ya know" to throw people off.

Kath said...

That and like -- like, you know? I know, right? Like, it's really crazy, you know?

Worst part is I find myself doing that!! (You just said, "I know, right?", didn't you?)

Wek said...

You 2 are like, you know, wise asses.