Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sorry, had to skip town for a few days

When I had a few vacation days to burn I had intentions of staying local to get some tasks I've put off for awhile finally taken care of. And then Saturday morning my bud called me from the Atlantic Coast, tellin' me the surf looked epic, and that he has beer in his fridge and he'd welcome me to crash on the couch. I strapped my board to the car's roof and crossed Interstate 4.

Then on Sunday night I received a call from another bud wanting to rub it in that he's fishing in The Keys and that I'd have to go back to work on Monday. I told him "work is for kids" and that he'd "see me in 5 hours".

Now I sit here at home again wearing the same boardshorts I pulled on 5 days ago. Not a chore complete, not a blog post in nearly a week, slightly hungover and dreading my return to work tomorrow.

You can always count on me to flake out on you.


Bag Blog said...

You sound like a free man. I'm in Buffalo, NY on a bit of a vacation fixin' (Okie for about to do) go to see some art galleries and sight-seeing.

Kath said...

BB, he's just bragging on the Florida life!! Bet the weather in N.Y. is great.

Mr. Wek, that's why they're called chores, not even a good sounding word, bec. they'll still be there. Aren't you glad you used your vac. days for FUN!?! I think it was the right choice.

Besides, you need to get on the Atlantic side more often.

Bag Blog said...

Kath, it is great. It was aboutr 80 here today. It has been in the upper 90's back in OK.

Wek said...

Free. For a few days. Now I've been chained at the hip to reality ever since. Reality, like sobriety, sucks.