Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Honda sorta 'gets it'

Honda owes much to Gen X. We sat front row when the 'tuners' started turning Civic hatchbacks into Camaro killing rockets. They gave us the still very cool CRX which looked sporty and felt extremely fun to drive and didn't cost much..........and then they came out with the CR-Z (above) as some kind of replacement to appease us old school Honda lovers. The thing is a hybrid, for christsakes. I'd have to drive to the Georgia/Florida state line before I hit 60 MPH. Oh well, at least their marketing team had us in mind. Better luck next car.
Honda created a 3D circus in Times Square last Thursday with "CRZ3dNYC," an event showcasing the 2011 Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid.

Targeting Gen X & Yers who love gaming and music, Honda chose an ideal venue to showcase its car with a heavy dose of 3D technology.


Bag Blog said...

We bought a Honda Accord back in 1980 - I loved that little car. My SIL had a Prelude that was to die for, but she traded it for a Volvo - big mistake.

Kath said...

Dat widdle car is cute!!!

Never owned a Honda, tho. Just -- never did.

Wek said...

If they gave it the K20 Civic SI engine I'd be at the dealer tomorrow.