Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I should have mentioned

I'm a worthless blogger when the Yankees are in the playoffs.

10 to 1 over the team with the most pathetic tapeworm fans in all of MLB. What's with the mountain in their outfield, and thunder sticks, and being the 'other' team in Los Angeles, and that dopey Rally Monkey they used to have (apologies to Angels fans. I'm just anxious to finally beat your team in the playoffs for the first time this decade)?

Quick vent: Tim MacCarver and Joe Buck are unbearable. I'd rather have my ear against a diesel muffler than listen to them call a game. When is the Fox contract with MLB going to expire?

Also no more stealing bases for the Yankees. You only get 27 outs per game. Treat them each with respect, like each is a kilo of cocaine.

Good night!


Bag Blog said...

I'm glad I didn't watch last night's game. What self-respecting South'ner can cheer for Yankees? With all the snowbirds, I guess Florida is just not in the South anymore.

Kath said...

Stinkin' Yankees. Just don't like them, but, Mr. Wek, "tapeworm fans"? That's a new one.

Wek said...

BB- I know, one would think I'd hate the Yanks. But here's the story: the Yankees have forever had their spring training down here. Every March they're in town and it's awesome to see the greatest franchise in sports history play. It wasn't until 1999 did Tampa get its own team. By then it was too late. I became a Yankee fan to the bone. And here's a secret no one outside of Tampa knows about: George Steinbrenner (former Yankees owner) has done immeasurable amounts for my community. He's dumped more $ into things for children than anyone or any organization. To his credit he has never done it publically and even downplays his gracious behavior. I guess he just prefers to be known as a brash New Yorker when the truth is he's a Santa Claus at heart.

Wek said...

K- Full disclosure. I ripped the "tapeworm" comment from a WWE wrestler.

Bag Blog said...

One of my daughter's friends is a big Yankee fan. Last year she made the trip to NY to see them play in Yankee Stadium - her dream. Me, I would just like to see any professional game up close and personal.

Wek said...

That's awesome. I've been to the old but haven't been to the new stadium. Gonna have to plan a trip up next year.

You absolutely have to see a professional game. I suppose Dallas is the closest city with pro sports? Actually, wait a second. You have pro hoops in OK now. It's a big state you live in. I don't imagine it's an easy commute if you're located away from OK City. Still, it'd be worth the trip.