Thursday, October 29, 2009 the Yanks lost last night

Which makes the likelihood of them now winning the World Series slim.
Since the 1994 strike, the winner of Game 1 of the World Series has gone on to win the series 12 out of 14 times.


Kath said...

Damn stats in baseball. No matter WHAT anybody does, says, looks, scratches -- there's a stat for it. Geesh!!!!!

Wek said...

Haha! I'd drive you bonkers then. I'm a stat nut. Love Baseball Prospectus. Love the Defense Bible. Love all the stats ESPN offers on their site.

It's all about OBP, Kath. As soon as someone says RBI you'll know they don't have a clue about baseball.

Kath said...

O B P??? On base something??

Or, overall base performance?

Or, overmost balls preseason?

Or, opportunity being presented?

Or, overhang belly prize?

How about obscure bullshit prize?

You know, I'm just really guessing. Since it's sooo technical and all.

Wek said...

Hahaha! All of these are awesome.