Monday, October 19, 2009

Random Thought

Today I looked around at all the shit I own. If I were to croak tonight I'm sure most of my possessions will end up being carted off by the trash dudes or college students that think Best Western is a quality resort. Outside of my guitar, motorcycle and the fun car I can't think of a thing anyone would want since it's mostly cheaply built, over priced furniture and household items that encourage me to buy another when they die after a years time. Even my surfboard is beat to hell, and that cost me a bundle.

What happened to quality? Or, maybe should I ask, how much do you now have to pay for quality?

There are possessions my Mom has from relatives she wasn't around to ever meet and they seem to be holding up fine. Not so much with my junk.


Kath said...

You know how now everybody has those new washers and dryers that are all computerized and virtually talk to each other and it takes you 20 minutes to get the thing ready to just wash or dry?

Well, I had a 20 year old Sears washer and dryer set that the poor dryer finally gave out. Went to Lowe's and got a new one, nothing like those fancy ones, only what I could afford.

Salesman was floored when I told him how old the dryer was, even said, This one isn't going to last that long.

It doesn't even have a "dinger" on it. Or buzzer or whatever. It has different settings, nice big door and all, but no bell. Isn't that the most basic part of a dryer? Who knew they even made them without?

Anyway, I think bec. for you and I, you have to pay a lot for "the better" things. Whereas, with our parents things were better made and so they lasted and were more durable and were meant to be handed down and used forever.

Wek said...

Your comment made me even more pissed. I know it's not the Lowes guy's fault, but he basically said with honesty "Kath, I have no choice but to sell you crap. I'll see you back here in a few years."