Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thought he died?

Whoops. Nevermind. I was thinking of that good actor, River Phoenix.
Slater, who was a Generation X heartthrob on a fast track in the '80s, says he wouldn't change anything about his past because "You pull on one thread of tapestry and the whole thing can unravel."

However, he points out freely that drugs and drink "can create the illusion of being very cool, that drinking is the hip thing to do and that you'll seem like Clark Gable. You go to a party and have a drink and feel like a superhero when the truth is you're looking rather foolish. Showing up for life 24/ 7 straight and sober can be tough if you're riddled with insecurities. Actually, the fastest way of knowing who you are is to know who you're not."


Nixon said...

C'mon! Christian Slater totally stole the show in The Wizard!

Kath said...

I like him. Pffft to you!

Sisu said...

"They seem to have an open door policies on assholes though." He was great in Heathers....seems to have fallen off the theatrical curve lately though.

Wek said...

The Wizard! Ha!

I liked him in True Romance. And Heathers, too.