Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lopez was back in town!

Oh shit, I didn't know Cory Lopez was back in town over the last weekend. He's, without question, the greatest surfer from Florida's gulf coast. The times I've seen him in the H2O I just sat on my board and watched. He makes everyone else look like fools. Kinda like playing basketball against Lebron.

Here's a sample:


Kath said...

He makes it look so easy. Like, oh, I'll just go right through this wave and then just oh, flip around over here -- dang.

When are you going to post a video of your surfing -- moves, techniques, I don't know the proper term.

Wek said...

Haha! Maybe I have posted a video and just didn't tell you it was me.

Yeah, Cory is a sick shredder. He makes his surfboard move like a skateboard. So freakin' fast. His older brother, Shea, is awesome, too.