Monday, October 12, 2009

Using the whole fist, Doc?

It's the babyboomers house, the entire thing, we just pay the bills.
“I did the math and decided I’d take the penalty on my Social Security benefits,” says Langston, who plans to apply for benefits early next year. He stands to lose at least 6 percent of his benefits by taking them before reaching his full retirement age of 66.


Sisu said...

Nothing I love better than opening my SS statement and seeing my full retirement age creeping up every year. I'm up to 72...or is it75? Does it matter? And the survivor benefits my kids get for their dad is the only way they will ever know what Social Security even means.

Wek said...

Don't worry 75 will be the new 50. Yeah, whatever, I just pulled that outta my azz.