Thursday, October 29, 2009

I think he shaved off his brain

Stupid GenXster. Billy Corgan goes anti-vaccine.

You know, I'd probably listen to Billy in regards to alternate tuning and amp settings for guitar, but I'd have to tell him "have a nice day" when he begins offering me medical advice. Really, if anyone listens to him they probably deserve the Swine Flu.

Full disclosure: I have not been vaccinated for N1H1 and it's not because Billy Corgan said not to. Nope. It's because Jenny McCarthy told me not to!


Kath said...

Oh, gosh, Mr. Wek, I always take all my advice from Hollywood types!! Makes your life so much more worthless and stupid!! :) :) Follow me on Twitter!!!

(Yeah, it's Sun. evening and I have to go back to work tomorrow. Pretty sure I already worked this weekend -- geez. But, hey, it's what makes me appreciate guys like him soooo much more.)

Wek said...

"Follow me on Twitter" is the lamest statement started this decade.