Sunday, October 18, 2009

A lot more cocksuckery

A few weeks back Paul Sullivan of the New York Times wrote possibly the most obnoxious article on the plight of the super wealthy in this tough economy. You know, them having to make tough decisions like having to budget for their next vacation home purchase or buy a slower private jet. The real difficult decisions we all have to make (wink, wink).

For obvious reasons he received a lot of comments that hurt his widdle feelings. So what did he do? He doubled down on being an asshole and basically said "you're all jealous, and the only reason you're not rich is because you don't want to work hard".

Fortunately No More Mister Nice Blog took out his scalpel and removed this man's genitals (apparently the procedure didn't take very long).


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Awful. Did you see the pic of the dipshit (not the one I put up, but there's another one in the article)?