Monday, October 5, 2009

There! I fixed it!

Pretty funny site. Particularly if you're an asshole, like me, and like to make fun of idiots.


Bag Blog said...

I thought of you last night while playing Trivial Pursuit with my husband and daughter. My husband got this question: What was the last name of the Italian tractor magnate who decided to build his own cars when he became frustrated with his Ferrari?

My husband answered Fiat, because Fiat does manufacture some farm equipment, but he was wrong. It was Lamborghini. My daughter gave him a really hard time saying who would want to drive a Fiat after owning a Ferrari?

Wek said...

Fiat? Wow that car isn't even worthy to share the same first letter with a Ferrari.

I have a new favorite car. I'll have to do a post on it soon.

Sisu said...

This site, "That Will Buff Out" and "People of Walmart" are daily reads for me. And creeping here, of course.

Wek said...

Sisu, I'm truly honored to be placed amongst those other great sites that you read daily. Thank you.