Monday, November 23, 2009

Gen Y starting to 'get it'

Once you know you're life is virtually worthless, numbness sets in and you just go about accepting mediocrity and writing a shitty blog.
I think it's funny how cyclical things are. The Hippies, who were Baby Boomers, said they were never gonna give into the man, were never gonna trust anyone over thirty, never give in to corporate pressure, seem to have lost the vision they held when they were young. They now dominate the market, and haven't really brought the change they said they were going to. The jaded Gen-Xers are having a hard time because the Baby Boomers won't give them their chance. And the Gen Yers are heading off into the world, saying we're going to change everything too. But, odds are, if we are anything like the generations before us (and we probably are), we won't bring about the changes we want to either. We may end up just as money- and power-hungry as everyone before us. We may sit back and let the injustices of the world continue.


Kath said...

The TV show that Michael J. Fox was on -- dear goodness, I can't think of the name of it -- how his parents were all free-thinking hippie-types and here he was their child, but yet so opposite.

Look at tattoos, they kind of jump a generation, too.

(Don't know why you always say this scintillating blog is -- uh, poopy. I had a post up yesterday about tree mold. Beat that.)

Sisu said...

Family Ties. And Alex P. Keaton revered Nixon (Richard M. not LT)much to the chagrin of his Goldwater loving parents.

Any useless pop culture trivia you need Kath, I'm your girl. It's amazing I can hold a steady job.

Wek said...

I know many with tattoos. I have 2. But Gen Y has taken it to a new level. Can't believe how many fully tatted arms I see now.

Alex P. Keaton. Jeebus. If I had flower-child parents I may have become a Richard Nixon acolyte myself.

Kath said...

Aww, Mr.Wek has a tramp stamp?? Do tell!

Sisu, thank you. That show is the one I can never remember the name of.

Wek said...

No tramp stamp. One one my shoulder and another on the side of my calf.