Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vinyl still sounds the best

As long as live music doesn't go away I don't give a fuck what technology we use to listen to tunes in our cars.
I’m old enough not just to remember 45s, but to have purchased one. (Please stop laughing.) Over the course of my 43 years, I’ve cycled through every configuration cranked out by the music industry.

As a kid, it was LPs, black vinyl discs the size of dinner plates that I handled with elaborate caution. Then came the miracle of cassettes - an album you could fit in your pocket! I amassed 500 of those, before compact discs took over. I figured CDs would be the end of the line, technologically. Which just shows what a rube I am. Within a decade, the wonders of digital music had rendered them hopelessly outdated. CDs? Those were, like, so 1999.

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Kath said...

Live music cannot go away -- I mean, can it? No.

And I saw (somewhere) little VW bus that is actually the player. You set it down on the record and it goes around and around (duh) and it plays the record. It was like a hundred bucks, but it was cute. Well, I thought it was cute. But I don't have any records -- nothing to do with age, I just don't have any.