Monday, November 30, 2009

Take that beeeeeyotches!

Keep your Woodstock, we gots our Atari!
But one thing we can truly call our own are video games. I grew up in the area of arcades. For you who are not familiar with what an arcade was, it was a place which had pinball machines, crane games, air hockey, and, of course, video games. There were rows and rows of video games. I wish kids today could have seen it.


Bag Blog said...

I was the foosball queen. I put up my 20 cents, beat all the boys, and played all night. They just kept putting up their money trying to beat me and my friends. I was pretty darn good at Pong too.

jenX said...

there's a pac man scarf on etsy. i want it for christmas. it's $150!! i think i need to learn how to knit.

Wek said...

BB- I sucked at foosball. If you ever beat a guy from FL it was probably me.

Jen- $150! Sounds cool but it's hard for even Paris Hilton to justify that purchase.