Thursday, November 19, 2009

Well they're not gonna fire the cheap labor

If you make 25K a year in your 20's you think you're rich. Not so much when you're in your 30's or older.
The Associated Press cites a survey that finds that the biggest gripe of 40 percent of Gen Xers about their jobs is "lack of career progress." One reason they're not getting promoted is that their elders are not retiring the way they are supposed to, and in this economy they're not going to.

And while Gen Xers are worrying about job loss, foreclosures and debt, the Gen Yers appear to be blissfully unconcerned. And Gen Xers feel employers slight them in favor of Gen Y, a feeling not without foundation. The AP cites a survey done for Deloitte consulting that "found that nearly two-thirds of executives at large companies were most concerned about losing Gen Y employees, while less than half of them had similar concerns about losing Gen Xers." Ouch.


Kath said...

Well, excuse me, sir, but you ain't exactly 20 anymore, either, right? Soooooo, when are you going to give up your job so that 20 year old your company just hired can have it?

Yes, I see your "tags" on this little story. (Goof.)

Wek said...

I know! I'll be 40 in a few years. I do see 'the man' keep the youngins aboard because they're cheap and hose everyone else.