Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's hopeless to try and explain away the behavior of Florida residents

I've been angry with past roommates of mine. Really angry for doing things like drinking my beer or taking my last rubber.

Yet, it never occurred to me to call the cops and make up a story that they're beating a woman on the head with potatoes.

HT: Fark


junkdrawer67 said...

yikes. this story is everywhere, I guess. heard about it on the radio this morning.

Kath said...

But Ms.PotatoHead is cute!

Kath said...

Well, she was cute the first time I saw it -- but I forgot, you don't do posts after Thurs., which is fine, but dear goodness I can't look at that thing all weekend!!

I'm just kidding with you.

Go play in the water, it's the weekend!

Wek said...

JunkDrawer- great. Even this story made national news, huh? I'm so proud of my fellow Floridians.

Kath- it's okay to come back now, she's gone.