Sunday, November 29, 2009

St00pid gossipy shit

So Tiger Woods allegedly crashes his ride after fleeing his wife who had a few questions about an alleged affair Tiger's involved in. Funny, but the police had a few questions for the couple, too. But since he's a celebrity he's able to speak to police at his convenience.

This really is motivation to become famous. If I have another run-in with the law (the last time was 17 years ago when in college, so give me a break, I was drunk) I'm gonna tell them "Don't you know who I am? I'm Latchkey Man! I'll go to jail when I'm ready."

We'll see how well that goes.


Kath said...

Yeah. The whole "broke out the back window with a golf club to rescue him .. . ." uhh, no. I'm not believing that.

Just WONDERING if perhaps he stormed out and in her frustration, said golf club was flung at car, hit car, causing him to swerve and hit hydrant.

What-ev-er, we'll never know. Don't care.

Glad nobody was really hurt and hopefully next time they can just argue in the living room.

Move on, people, nothing to see here. It's just Florida!!!

Sisu said...

That's the same thing my friend and I said Kat; although we did wonder if said golf club smashed the window and ricocheted off the back of his head causing him to be "incoherent" when the police arrived. And that's about as far as we wanted to wonder...

Wek said...

Tiger's biggest mistake was living in FL. Our insanity is contagious.