Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Almost gator bait

I hope he at least has the courtesy to not pass his genes on.
“Considering he’d been in the Everglades for four days without food, without water and without sleep, he’s doing pretty good,” said Dr. Charlene DeLuca, the hospital’s chief of medicine.Mosch, who grew up hunting and camping in the woods of upstate New York, went hunting off of Interstate 75 with newfound friends in the national preserve, which covers 730,000 acres.

While the other hunters stayed in camp fixing their truck, Mosch said he decided to strike out on his own Monday afternoon to bag a deer. He soon realized he was lost and that his compass didn’t work.

“I’d never seen woods like this before,” Mosch said. “Think of the worst jungle you’ve ever seen. This was it times ten.”

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Kath said...

Now, now. He got lost, that's all. :(