Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I feel so betrayed

The posters are coming down effective immediately.
Tennis star Andre Agassi has admitted that the lion-like mane he sported during the 90s was a wig.

Agassi, who has recently published his first memoir titled, "Open," has also admitted to his year-long use of crystal methanphetamine, lying to the Association of Tennis Professionals about his drug use, and hating the game of tennis.


Kath said...

Was never really all THAT into him and -- don't you think he has strange marriage choices??? (Just sayin', little odd.)

And ALL the hair was a wig? Bec. that would take some serious stick-um to stay on in a tennis match, wouldn't it?

Kath said...

Wait, that didn't come out right about his marriages. I just didn't understand the combinations is what I meant. He didn't seem to match. But I guess he's happy now.

And I hope the meth use is over, bec. I hate hearing about somebody on it, that's a serious waste of their time.

Wek said...

Did you see him on 60 Minutes tonight? Gawd Katie Curic sux.