Thursday, November 19, 2009

Keep drinking the Haterade

Funny how they still speak at us like we're 16 years old. Usually these types of rants come from assholes that grew up in a upper middle class home, didn't have college loan debt and was able to buy their first home for 10K. Yet they always think it was because of "my hard work and perseverance". Go get dead, Jim.
I was amused at the recent story in the A-J about how the "Generation X" individuals (ages 32 to 44) are "becoming tired of waiting for their turn as the boss."

I may be old-fashioned, but I didn't think we got a "turn" at being boss. I thought you had to earn that through hard work, dedication, and patience.

Oh well, that may not be the only surprise the "Gen Xers" get in life.

JIM BERTRAM/Ransom Canyon


Kath said...

I find nothing wrong with what this guy says.

The whole upper echelon of the company is not ALL idiots, not ALL 100 years old and not ALL needing to retire.

He's right, you know, you don't just get a turn at being in charge, you actually have to have a little bit going for you. Geesh!

Wek said...

Problem is if the old bastards don't retire no one is able to move into their slots. Even if one is qualified to be a Senior VP it doesn't matter much if the current Senior VP is 68 and not wanting to retire. At my company of employment (Fortune 200) we have the most overqualified middle management ever.

From my side it doesn't appear anyone is wanting a job handed to them. I'm lucky enough to work at a company that seems to reward hard work 95% of the time and people don't seem to get a higher position based on tenure or other silly rationales. Since my company is publically traded I know how much money all the execs make and the #'s are huge. I also know how much stock they own. Again, the #'s are huge. You'd think they'd want to retire with millions at around the 62 year old mark, right? Nope. They're babyboomers. The company would just collapse without their awesomeness.