Monday, November 9, 2009

He'll replay this in his nightmares

Poor Eric Geiselman can't get away from the toothy beasts. He's from the most shark infested area of the world (New Smyrna Beach, FL) but then when he went to NorCal he had his board bit in 1/2 by a Great White.

Hope he'll bounce back since he's a rising star of surfing and from the Sunshine State, to boot.


Kath said...

Holy Mud!!!

Ok, I can take it -- did that ever happen to you?

(That just gives me the willies!!)

Kath said...

Oh, yeah -- WOW, he's cute.

I was distracted by the shark.

Wek said...

The shark thought Eric was cute, too.

I never had anything remotely close to this encounter. I've been "bumped" a few times by sharks sizing me up, but never been nibbled on. One time as I paddled out my hand came down on the back of a shark. He splashed me with his tail and took off. That did scare me a bit. I pulled my limbs out of the water for a minute before deciding to stay. Really though the sharks are just curious and don't want to tangle with a 6'2 dude when there's smaller prey for them to take their chances on. I've only seen the result of one shark bite. Just looked like a dog bite on a guy's leg. It just seems more freaky with a shark since you're in their home turf and in the back of the human mind we know they can have their way with us. The damn things move so fast it seems unbelievable.

In Cali it may be a little more life/death since they have Great Whites, which are very uncommon in FL. Over here there's a lot of sharks, but when they bite it usually only requires stitches at the most.