Monday, November 30, 2009

Your daily scold

What a fucking asshole. She's here to prove that not everyone deserves a long life.

I guess we'll forever be thought of as a 17 year old with a bad attitude.

Why do I tell this grim tale of the hunter and hunted? To remind you, Generation X, that in order to climb you must use your hands, feet, head and heart. Merely using one on that list will get you nowhere.

To climb the company ladder you must use your manners -- remember manners, Generation X? You have to, even when it means biting your tongue and honoring the talent and history of those around you. To bring about change, change that involves you as a key player, is a process of unfolding the past while creating a vision for the future. It doesn't involve throwing a bomb into the middle of what is being done as a way to "shake things up;" those who have been toiling away won't take kindly to that and neither will managers who don't have the time for feather smoothing.

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Jennifer K said...

Wait. Let me look at the calendar. Nope. It’s not 1991. Yet, this broad thinks she can brush X-ers with a huge judgmental brush. Want respect, buttercup? Well, then give me something to respect. Arrogance and condescension will get you nowhere.

I did a quick inventory of my worklife and I can safely tell you it’s been the Boomers who have behaved in the worst way. I’ve had Boomers bully me, dismiss my experience, education and skills(apparently being editor-in-chief of my college newspaper is “cute”). Recently I was dismissed from a Boomer-run non-profit organization (I was doing pro bono marketing work for them) in a way that was hugely sneaky and underhanded. The fact this was also a Christian organization just fuels my cynicism.

I’ll be the first admit that there are a lot of douchebag Generation X-ers. Many of us are deeply flawed. But in the long run I think our self-awareness and lack of ego will help the work place not hinder it.