Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Boomerang Kids..and this time it's not Xsters

Had my parents visited the flop house I lived in after college they may have encouraged me to move back in with them. The place truly frightened people. Mushrooms grew from the cracks in the kitchen floor.

In the movie, Failure to Launch, the parents of a thirty something slacker as he is referred to in the movie, hire someone to get him to move out of the house. A bit extreme you think? Makes for a great story. Well it’s not so far fetched.

You’ve heard all about it from your friends and neighbors, their kids came home to live with them after having moved out. And you are sure your kids won’t do that. Maybe you have downsized the family homestead to a one-bedroom condo. If it’s got a couch it is still a place to crash.

Eighteen million adult children age 25 to 34 are living with their parents according to AARP. Sons are more likely to move home than daughters. Usually the reasons are they are between jobs, they want to save money, get out of debt. And no one fusses over them quite like mom.


SilenceBetweenTheWords said...

dude, mushrooms? seriously?


Wek said...

Yeah, it was terrible. After I graduated myself and none of my friends had any money or job offers so we rented a real dive.