Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Remember her?

It's Ari Meyers from the show Kate and Allie. Major crush on her in middle school. I was past the stage in my life of making out with my pillow thinking about her, but every girl I dated* during this time looked similar.

*consider the age please. Middle school 'dating' didn't seem to go much further than kissing and going to the movies. Not that I didn't try to take it further.


Kath said...

Doesn't she look like Topanga -- you know, wait, I got it . . . Boy Meets World?

I had to go look her name up, Danielle Fishel.

(Hope you got smacked by at least some of those young ladies you were trying to be "fresh" with! Wow, bet you haven't heard that for a long time.)

Wek said...

"fresh" reminds me of a Neneh Cherry song.

"Don't you get fresh with me!"