Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's finally here!! Woohoo!!

HURRICANE SEASON BEGINS TODAY!!! Let's crank up that nature-made wave machine!!!


Bag Blog said...

Everytime I see a really cool surfing photo, I think of you and the photos you often post.

Kath said...

When I see Hurricane season I think of the two I've been thru at the beach. Not fun.

And, yes, the crazy surfer guys go nuts over the waves.

This guy has some seriously nice shorts, tho!!! That water must not be too cold. ;)

Wek said...

BB- cool! Never thought someone would give me a thought outside of reading this site.

Kath- Checkin' out the dude's package, huh? I thought you said you were straight-laced?

Kath said...

Hey!! I can be pure and innocent and still look at THAT! Kinda hard to miss it.