Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Too many are just so weird about this

In my searches for Gen X material I stumbled upon this article documenting teenagers easy access to pornography. No doubt, with the assistance of the Internet, youth today have an easy time checking out some porn. But whatever? It didn't ever seem too difficult for me way-back-when, either. I had more porn mags underneath my bedroom rug than I had rug to cover them. Movies, too. By the time I turned 12 my entire crew knew who John Holmes, Marilyn Chambers, Peter North and Ron Jeremy were.

Kids dig porn. Just the way it is. It's just sex, nothing more. Kids will eventually have sex, even porn-style sex. The world will keep on turning and the kids will still turn out fine.


Kath said...

Oh, puh-leez. Even in my straight-laced upbringing -- and it was before the internet -- it was there if you wanted to find it.

Yes, I'm sure it's a bit easier now to "virtually" find it, but it's gonna happen.

Mr. Wek, you must've had one lumpy rug!!

Wek said...

Indeed I did. All those mags had the covers torn off from being walked on.