Sunday, May 17, 2009


A great musician trapped in an athlete's body.
Tisdale, had part of his right leg amputated on Aug. 25, 2008, after bone cancer was discovered by doctors after a fall in his Los Angeles home. The 12-year NBA veteran, and well-known jazz musician, spoke about the decision through his website following the initial surgery.


Kath said...

Please, please see my new comment today, Monday, under Florida, Great Place to visit --

I do have some standards that I wouldn't put it here on this post. (Not many, but enough to keep me out of Florida!!) ;)

Kath said...

Plus, then people could "visit" you when they're on vaca!!!

(there are just sooooo many things to say about this. I'm sorry, it's Monday.)

jen said...

this made me so sad...his services were held in tulsa where his bro pastors a church.