Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Geeks shall inherit the Earth

Ha! The youngin's don't even know how to "copy and paste".
Tech savvy is one of the most frequently used terms to describe Gen Y, but
according to a recent Wells Fargo survey, Gen X is actually more tech savvy than Gen Y.


Kath said...

I'm kind of surprised at that, aren't you? Just seems like they would have it all under their belts, growing up with it.

Sisu said...

That is the sweetest dot matrix printer EVAH! And do I spy a 5 1/2" floppy?? Drive that is.

Wek said...

K- GenXsters adapt like roaches. We can revert back to cave peeps if necessary.

S- what are those dials on his monitor? Can't even remember their function?

Sisu said...

One has to be power and I'm going to go with brightness for another, but the third has me stumped. Cigarette lighter?

Our first computers in high school(COBOL anyone?)were TRS 80s. Booyah! Finest computers ever made by Radio Shack.

The Slacker Factor (TSF) said...

I'll believe GenX is more tech savvy than Gen Y when we learn how to tweet