Monday, February 15, 2010

I just don't see it

Since I base my analysis on a pack of fuck-ups I call my "friends" I don't see how Xsters divorce less than previous generations. But since I never research anything due to my chronic laziness I'm probably wrong (hopefully wrong).
So argues American social commentator Kay Hymowitz. "By the later 1990s young middle-class men and women were clearly turning their backs on the unmarriage revolution that had shaped their own childhoods. In surveys they pronounced themselves passionate fans of the institution."

According to Hymowitz, researchers find young people to be more interested in large families, increasingly dissatisfied with the daycare option and latchkey situations, and
wanting to spend more time with their children. There are numerous reasons for this "opt-out revolution," she says, but the main one is "simply generational backlash. Generation X and its younger brothers and sisters looked into the unmarriage abyss and decided they didn't want to go there."


Kath said...

Totally confused on this one. I mean, yeah, I guess. Are we going to go back to the 1950s -- which wouldn't be all so bad, I guess. Dad worked and Mom took care of the house and the six kids.

Would be nice if everyone WASN'T divorced.

Wek said...

No 1950's please. I have a feeling many of those couples were miserable back then but stuck it out "cuz they should".

People love to romanticize past eras.