Sunday, February 28, 2010

I learned everything on the school bus

I want to take a moment to reflect on a few items I learned while riding the bus (no, not the short bus).

- I learned older people are inherently cruel to younger ones
- I learned adults wouldn't always be around to stop trouble (bus drivers didn't give a fuck)
- I learned that Santa Claus is as real as Bat Man
- I learned that a Trapper Keeper is an excellent weapon
- I learned that children were not delivered by a stork
- I learned that drugs could be bought for lunch money
- I learned that book bags could also carry Playboy and Hustler
- I learned that if you stuck with your buddies you'd be okay

I can't thank the bus rides enough. No reason any kid from any generation should put off reality until middle school.


Sisu said...

You'd be amazed at what 11 year olds are learning on the bus these days. Subjects I didn't think I'd need to approach while the kid is in 5th grade.

Wek said...

With the access to info these days I wouldn't be surprised if a 5th grader would have taught me something I didn't know til I turned 18.

Bag Blog said...

If you think it is important that your second-grader know about sex, send them to public school especially on a bus.

I did know a mom who yanked the bus driver off the bus and told him she would "whip his ass" if her son got beat up on his bus. It worked for her.

Wek said...

I'd have been horrified had my mother did that. That would have ensured more beatings from the older bullies.