Friday, February 19, 2010

We're a bunch of gun toting, religous zealots

A shotgun in one hand, a Bible in the other.
Moreover, Millennials are far more likely than older people to describe themselves as liberals. In the fourth quarter of 2009, as many Millennial voters identified themselves as liberals (29%) as conservatives (28%), while 40% said they are moderates. In every other age group, far more voters described their views as conservative than liberal. Among voters in Gen X, 38% described their political views as moderate and 38% said they were conservative; only 20% described themselves as liberal.


Kath said...

All right. Maybe it's just bec. it's Friday, but I read that para. three times and it just sounds like gobbeldy-gook (sp).

Too many numbers, too many labels. I can't TAKE IT!! Oh, sorry. I'm soooo bad at math. On stuff like that I end up going back and trying to make sure it even adds up! Oh, look, a chicken!


Wek said...

Yeah, I had to read this article 2x.