Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mobile Strip Club

FL may not create brilliant minds, yet many here should indeed be considered creative (granted most of the creative ones use their ingenuity for mischief, but it still should be appreciated). NOTE: I'm sure it will come as a surprise to you that I've been to this strip club. Not the one on wheels, but the original one on Adamo Drive.
Tampa, Florida - Talk about taking the show on the road.

Déjà Vu, a gentlemen's club located on East Adamo Drive, has started driving what it calls the "Stripper Mobile" around town. The "Stripper Mobile" is a large truck with Plexiglas sides featuring a stripper pole and dancers inside, sort of like a peep show on wheels.


Kath said...

Ok. What the HELL were you doing in a strip club?

And, EEWWW, those are people in a box on the back of a truck??

The whole thing is just nasty. Ick. Stinky, smelly, nasty.

Wek said...

Since I've watched about 50 friends/associates get married over the last 2 decades I've attended many bachelor parties. And they always tend to go to strip clubs.

Don't worry, I've showered since my last visit to Deja Vu.

Sisu said...

As I always tell my friends, strip clubs are for men as shopping is for women. (That sounds like an SAT question.) It's more for a social factor than it is to ogle nekkid babes...although that probably helps. (I spend too much time around people in the Navy, apparently.)

Wek said...

I just go to try and meet a wife. ;)