Monday, February 8, 2010

Worst 1/2 Time Show Ever

The Who should be living in an old folks home being spoon-fed mashed peas.
Yet since the infamous "nipplegate" incident of 2004, the NFL has turned to an increasingly hoary roster of classic rockers well past their prime to crank out their dustiest hits during halftime-nostalgic blasts from the pasts in the middle of the game of the moment.

On Sunday, in the wake of Paul McCartney (2005), the Rolling Stones ('06), Prince ('07), Tom Petty ('08) and Bruce Springsteen ('09), Super Bowl XLIV gave us the saddest, most tired musical spectacle yet: the band that pretends to be the Who.


Sherri Thornhill said...

Totally agree..I was so bored that I went to hang up my clothes during the half-time show. Hey, I added your blog link on my home page as one of my favorite Gen X sites:)

Bag Blog said...

I have to agree with you - I was totally disappointed in The Who. And with one guy's tummy hanging out, I thought is was a very bad wardrobe malfunction.

We went to a friend's for the SB party. She had a new puppy - a boxer with the bluest eyes I have ever seen. I called him Wek.

Sisu said...

Thank goodness I wasn't all alone! Yeah, Pete Townshend can still play guitar but both he and Roger Daltry have lost their range and their voices very much show their ages. Give it up fellas. And really? I'd much rather go through nipplegate than that show.

Kath said...

Oh, BB, what have you done to that poor puppy?? ;)

Did not see but a smidgen, but some people said good, other people said NO good. Maybe if you're there those halftime shows are more entertaining.

Wek said...

Sherri- thanks! I did likewise.

BB- I've been called a "dog" before, but I've never come across a dog called "Wek".

Sisu- I cannot believe a nipple has caused a reaction of playing only old and "safe" bands. Pathetic.

K- That's a lucky puppy!

Sisu said...

I've seen unblurred pics of Nipplegate and her piercing includes a shield, thereby obscuring the nipple. So people were outraged that a breast was shown. Li'L Kim showed that much with her pasty at the MTV awards and Diana Ross felt her up for it. At least Justin Timberlake kept his hands to himself.

But yeah, a little too much ado about nothing to relegate us to oldsters forever more. And how about an American band for an American sport? Asking too much?