Tuesday, February 16, 2010

If they're still getting laid by young groupies I'll eat a live raccoon

Because they're baby boomers they will not stop performing until they make a complete mockery of their one-time-greatness.
Tyler temporarily quit the group last year (09) after announcing he wanted a hiatus; he has since checked into rehab in an effort to kick a painkiller addiction.

Following the shock news he'd be leaving the band, guitarist Joe Perry revealed he'd be looking to replace the frontman with a new singer, so the group could honour 2010 studio and concert commitments.

But now it seems Tyler is heading back to the band - for a date at Download.


Kath said...

I am sooooooooo, sooooooo, soooooo sick of them. Yeah, there was some great music, but they're just going to ruin it now.

HEY!! My word is snitisms!! I like that.

Wek said...

"Snitisms". I like it, too.