Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tillikum Pardoned

I think it seems unreasonable to put a 12,000 LBS predator into a relatively small tank and expect it to act like a well trained poodle.
SeaWorld has no plans to euthanize the killer whale that dragged a trainer to her death Wednesday and will allow trainers to continue to work with the animal, a park official said today.


Sisu said...

Hell, I feel like Tillikum after about an hour at work. Just because he has some training does not negate the fact that he is a wild Orca...those suckers don't domesticate. And his dorsal fin needs Viagra from being in captivity.
Poor dorsal fin.

Sisu said...

BTW, isn't he the main stud for the breeding program?

Wek said...

Yep, he's the 'lucky' guy that's imprisoned to have sex with the lady orcas.

Bag Blog said...

I say, "let him loose." He has been imprisoned long enough.