Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chomp! Chomp!

Poor guy.
"I get to him, I'm probably within 20 yards or so from him, and there's just a lot of blood in the water," Lund said.

He could see several sharks circling nearby. He pulled the injured Schafer onto his board and began paddling back. Lund declined to describe Schafer's injuries, but said he was conscious and speaking when they got to the beach and paramedics began treating him.


Kath said...

That's awful. I thought you said that stuff didn't happen.

And wow on the 47 yr. old lifeguard who got out to him and brought him in -- while there was blood in the water and sharks circling?!!?

Bag Blog said...

I have not had internet for over a week thanks to a big ice storm that crippled OK. But I have watched a bit of TV and saw this news item. I thought of you and wondered if you had been out there surfing, too. Do be careful.

Wek said...

I've been surfing, yes. This really is a rare instance considering how many millions go in the H2O every year.