Sunday, February 28, 2010

Orlando gun instructor blasts a student

Handling guns never felt fun for me. My entire family was in law enforcement (grandfather, father, uncle) and even though I learned gun safety, it always seemed like more of a pain in the ass than enjoyable. All the safety checks they did made if feel like it took a dog's life between unholstering the weapon and firing it- "I just want to shoot the fucking gun, goddammit!"
A gun instructor accidently shot a student in the foot Saturday during an NRA class to receive certification to carry a concealed weapon, Orlando police said.

Robert Frauman Jr., 50, was taken to Florida Hospital after instructor Michael Phillips' firearm discharged about 11:45 a.m., police said.

Phillips, 32, could not be reached for comment. The accident happened at Summit Church, located in a former movie theater near the Fashion Square mall.



Bag Blog said...

Come on out to OK; we will let you shoot a gun without much fuss.

Wek said...

I think it's just a police officer thing. My other buds didn't have to go thru the same hassle I did. But maybe it did pay off? One of those buds put a hole in his foot because he didn't pay attention to detail.