Thursday, February 11, 2010

Daytona 500

The city of Daytona's economy seems based around 3 thingys: Spring Break, Bike Week, and The Daytona 500.

Just in case you want to get in touch with your inner redneck here's a "5 Minute Guide" to the big race this Sunday.


Sisu said...

Unfortunately, my redneck is more outer than inner...gettin' brung up in NC will do that to you. We have homegrown Casey Kahne around here (weird to hear a NASCAR driver sound like that, but the bid for a NASCAR venue was shot down because state reps were afraid of the "element" that NASCAR would bring to our fair state. Yeah? How about the "element" of all the cash you just pissed away for being judgmental and wrong? Probably wouldn't have needed that bailout money, huh?

Kath said...

The element, huh? Yep, that element seems to have a few bucks to spend and happy about doing it, too!

C'mon, a few happy people drinking and racing hotrods -- way worse things could happen!

Wek said...

I'm very in touch with the redneck within me. Here's me doing the Richard Petty experience at Daytona:

Sadly I don't believe attendance is going to well this year judging by how hard The 500 promoters have been advertising low priced tickets to FL residents.

Bag Blog said...

Or you could just come spend the day in OK. I will introduce you to some rednecks, maybe some cowboys and Indians, too.

Wek said...

There's no shortage of rednecks in FL. Literally, if you go further than 10 miles inland it becomes confederate flags and banjos. But I don't think I've ever seen a cowboy outside of the movies.