Monday, March 1, 2010

Dear MTV, it seems like you managed to piss off all Xsters

Not that MTV cares but it'd be just swell if there ever comes a day when they ask for our viewership back and we tell them to jam a badger up their ass.

And I really can't wait for the Jersey Shore 'actors' to show up on a Where are they now? show as a bunch of fat, bald, 11-time pregnant, Walmart stock room employees.
MTV Networks president Van Toffler reportedly said as much, though more poetically, at a Hollywood Radio & Television Society luncheon earlier this week. The future — and evidently the future of advertising is with millennials.

Not that that’s a surprise to anyone. It’s always out with the aging, in with the new, and it’s up to last year’s (or generation’s) model to reinvent itself. As a proud Gen Xer I’m struggling with the idea that my 20th high school reunion is rapidly approaching. But while we post-Boomers are making our peace with gray hair, anti-aging/acne prevention, and being old enough (biologically, anyway) to have kids who could shop at Urban Outfitters, we’re not exactly down for the count yet.


jen said...

he is such a punk!!!

Wek said...

No doubt. Although I think you should have used a few 4 letter words to your description of him.