Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Final Four Predictions

Out all day watching basketball. Even though I live in a football state, basketball will forever remain my favorite sport (well, surfing too). I still play in a hoop league at my old age against mostly 20 somethings. I definitely don't recover as quickly as I once did.

My bracket turned into a complete mess after the first round of games, but I'll man up and give you my Final 4 (notice 1 team was already eliminated). As much basketball as I watch you'd think I'd be better at this.


I have Kentucky beating Kansas in the finals.


Kath said...

We are not even close this year!

Pittsburgh over Syracuse
Duke over Villanova
Kansas over Ohio State
(since Georgetown already f-ed up)
Temple beats Kentucky (yes, that's right!)

Which means:
Temple will beat Kansas
Duke will beat Pittsburgh

And gotta go then with Duke barely beating Temple.

Wek said...

Duke? I think the tallest guy on their team is 6'3!

Kath said...

Doesn't matter. It's Duke. That's all. Just -- it's Duke.

Kath said...

(monday a.m.,after round 2)

DAMN! Why did I even bother with filling out my brackets??? This is -- well -- wrong!

But I still got Duke....