Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I hate this Gen X trend

I hate the remakes from Hollywood. Particularly the movies that came out when the bicycle and skateboard were our main form of transportation. I see no reason for Tron to be remade except to somehow push what we thought was cool down the throats of younger generations to somehow impress upon them the notion that we're still relevant.

Tron was "ours". Let the youngins have something un-recycled they can call "ours".
And in a weird sort of way this is the right time to make Tron for that. Also the generation in between, the Gen X-ers and their kids, is now the age of Garret and my son Karl and those people are in their early twenties and it’s the right time for them to see Tron.


jen said...

i think i've disliked all the remakes so far...

Wek said...

I can't stand any. Particularly 'The Omen'. How can you improve upon a movie that once starred Gregory Peck?