Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Former RHCP staying busy

Enjoyed his solo albums. Hopefully he'll make more now that he's out of the band again.

His place looks a lot like mine, with guitars leaning on the couch, a skateboard on the floor, records/CD's in the shelves. Except I don't have a pool. Or a recording studio. And my living room is 1/2 the size. And my limited view of the water is dependent on the neighbor trimming his palm trees.


Kath said...

Well, I WAS half awake, but that's sleepy music. Not bad guitar, tho.

Wek said...

He's a pretty well balanced guitarist. Can play a lot of styles. Unlike me who seems only to play Slayer.

Bag Blog said...

I like the music.

A view of water and palm trees sounds nice. The beavers just got one of our best trees across the pond - changes the view drastically.

Wek said...

I went camping by a beaver dam. Incredible what those little buggers can do. Actually, they aren't too little.