Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A different take on a weasel head coach

As a Floridian I hate the Univ of TN. Just the way it goes. I piled on their lack of judgement for hiring Lane Kiffin, and especially after he screwed them over and left for USC. Turns out Lane just may have demonstrated typical Gen X behavior.
I’m true Generation X. My father worked for one company his entire career. He was loyal to the company he worked for and they were loyal to him for a good portion of it. But in the last 10-15 years, something changed. I watched his company steadily cut benefits and eventually lay him off without a second glance. I saw how his loyalty was rewarded – with a pink slip. Instead of lamenting this, I learned to accept that’s how business is. I have changed companies two times, each time for more money and a better overall job and didn’t think twice. I’m a free agent. If I see a better opportunity I will leave my current job in a second. My coworkers? Nice folks, but my family and career comes first.

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