Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Real life Ole Yeller

Except this asshole made Michael Vick look like Cesar from The Dog Whisperer.
Police learned Solovyev had an argument with his wife earlier and she left the house.

He began drinking and became extremely intoxicated, and eventually turned the gun on the pup.

The dog was shot multiple times, killing the animal.

Additionally, a bullet ricocheted off of Solovyev's fence and went through a neighbor's window.


Kath said...

Why can't we just shoot people like this? People that torture and kill children and animals -- there is NO point of prison. And, NO, he does not get to use the excuse of being "extremely intoxicated". He's still an ass. And he probably would have shot her if she had still been there.

Wek said...

Correct, being drunk is an excuse to why a guy fucked a 400LBS woman, not an excuse to harm an animal.

He would have done a great service had he put the gun's barrel inside his own mouth.