Monday, March 8, 2010

UPDATE: The bikini line shaver mugshot

And here's the mugshot of the infamous car crasher.

Whoa. I did research. I'm no longer a lazy blogger.


Kath said...

No, not a picture of the guy -- oh, wait, you're saying that's HER??? Oh, my.

(all I'll say is my word verification is doginc -- honestly.)

Sisu said...

You could cut glass with that face. Perhaps she could have put her coiffuring skills to use on those roots. (Oh, meow!)

Bag Blog said...

Research? Wow, I'm impressed!

That woman needs to make an appointment to have her roots done, and maybe they would wax her too. Who cares what your bottom looks like if your head is looking that bad!

Wek said...

I cannot add to what all of you already said.