Friday, March 19, 2010

We'll all retire on a commune together

So depressing.
Generation X, now entering or into middle age, is starting to find that the economic model mapped out by their predecessors just isn’t working for them. Caught in a ‘perfect storm’, their finances are being buffeted on all fronts.

On the one hand are the costs of taxes, children and elderly parents. These will be siphoning off cash that was earmarked for retirement.

And on the other hand, any savings that have been put into the stock market are back to where they were ten years ago. Another nail in the coffin for retirement plans.


Bag Blog said...

We can move to NM where all communes and oddities end up.

Wek said...

Damn! No surfing in NM.

Bag Blog said...

But you can white water raft down the Rio Grande. I know where the hot springs is - the one from Easy Rider. Of course there could be naked old hippies - yuck.

Wek said...

Hmmmmm. I'll bring by surfboards and see what happens.